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Xmas Trip


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Hi all, going to Hallidays Point at chrissy into the New Year.Does anybody know of any boat ramps at Hallidays Point or is Foster the closest? Any recommended GPS locations up there that have produced well,that you dont mind sharing? Anyone else heading up that way over the break?Fitted fishraider sticker on my boat ESCAPE.

Is easy to view,I hope to see some other raiders on the water.

Everyone have a safe and Merry Chrissy and New Year.

Hoping for for mega tight lines

SUFFO :1fishing1:

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is Foster the closest?

Hi Suffo

Just made a couple of phone calls - the ramp near the surf life savers is only for professional fishers to use. Looks like Tuncurry is your closest port of call - with the wind ripping up as it has been this week (and as we speak) it would be safer to fish in the lake anyway, I reckon! Plenty of white horses looking out to sea.



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