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I Want Marlin Ex Botany Bay/port Hacking


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Hey Planning a Trip tomorrow ex Bay/Hacking and i have a few questions i am hoping guys can help with?

I have a 6m cruisecraft and all the gear so that is under control.

Which direction should i head?? Peak/12mile etc or shelf?

Does anyone know where the livies are in the Botany bay at the moment?

Should i troll out or head straight out, what do you think i should when i get there?? Troll lures etc?

Thanks In advance for any advice.

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hey buddy im NO expert by all means BUT from what ive heard talking to fellow raiders,

marlin arnt THAT far off shore,

u gotta find that warmer water mate!!! i think 22-23 somewhere arnd there is gr8.. i know theres been alot of sightings around the peak ect,

so thats prob ur best place to start mate...

as for livies in the bay head to the first point of the breakwall around frm molineaux point

berley up and u should be in buisness also moll point close to the wall theres NORMALLY plenty to be

had, just gotta get through the frickn mados..

if u keep getting them try moving a little just gota be persistant..

looking 4ward to reading a report from u mate all the best out there

hope the weather holds for u..

cheers steve

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The best bet is to take someone out with you that know what they are doing this is by far the best method, as reading it here and there is nothing compared to seeing it in real life.

People can tell you everything but you still wont know until you see it in practise. Also because the fish were caught here yesterday, does not mean they will be here today.

All the best


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I don't like the look of the weather tomorrow with a strong wind warning out. I wouldn't be venturing too far out for this reason. Live slimey mackeral will give you the best chance. In the Bay they are usually found in deeper water such as near the various channel markers or the drums.

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