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Hen And Chicken Bay


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Hi guys went out with my mate this morning to do some SP fishing. My mate had never caught a fish on plastics before so i was hoping he would get one. Started off near the restaurant at cabarita was pretty slow at fisrt till the water started to get up then my mate Sax pulls in a a flounder :wacko: on a gulp camo worm, his 1st ever fish on SP woo hoo. I then proceeded to catch my 1st bream on SP using a camo worm. Although ive been using SP's for a while now ive only managed to score flatties, even though this one was a little bugger i was happy to break my duck. We started to move along towards the golf course and Sax scored 3 flatties in fairly quick succesion on camo worms all were undersize, i had a few good hits on my pink smilin jack but failed to set the hooks. Things quietened down again so we kept moved around the bay a bit further. I scored a flatty of about 40cm, didnt get to measure him as he came off as i was bringing him over the ledge. Changed over to a 3" gulp minnow grub in watermelon and started casting towards the storm water pipes in front of the golf course after a half a dozen casts i got a solid bump and zzzzzzzzzzz finally got to hear my reel sing, the fish was taking drag steadily after a short tussle a flash of silver and i knew it was no flathead, modest bream of 29cm my PB on plastic :thumbup:. After that Sax scored one more flatty on a watermelon grub and we decided to call it a day with the wind and rain starting to become annoying. Not a bad day cosidering we both got a few PB's and broke some ducks.


heres a dodgy phone pic


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