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Jewfish --- Tight Or Loose Drag When Baited?


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Hello Fellow Raiders,

Im trying to study how to catch jewfish since I fluked one on the 2nd jan this year. Now do you have the baits down in the water with a tight drag or loose. I hear some fishermen have the drag really llose to let the fish run, however others are telling me that you need it tight to set the hook. Im very confused and need some solid direction here.

Anyhelp with Jews is needed. I fish the hawkesbury and sydney harbour manily.

Thanks Raiders :)

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depends on alot of things

wether your using braid or mono

but in general, fairly tight, the same as you would fight the fish

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I fish out of gear with the ratchet on. In general bigger fish need more time. If the schoolies are around I'll smack them on their first run after the initial bump.

It really depends on where you are fishing. I reckon the strike rate is about the same in or out of gear, you just have to be quick on the rod after the first whack either way.



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look champ with out a doubt your drag has to be set in strike so that when it hits your bait the hook will engage. that drag setting should almost be your fighting drag( only adjust if need be).

there is no need to let em run anyway all it does is increase the fishes chance of spitting the bait.

good luck mate

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My Jewie fishing is usually surf or rock and I wait till he hits 3rd gear. That's hit the bait and run zzzz (1st), slows then zzzzzzz (2nd), slows again then ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (3rd) whack hit the b#@%*rd and set the hooks. Then adjust the drag to fight him. I use a 650 Alvey and put pressure on the reel with the palm of my hand. Get's hot sometimes but you can control it pretty well when you get used to it. I find that if he doesn't get to 3rd he wasn't really holding the bait. I've tried hitting on 1st/2nd and hardly had any connection, just pulled it away from him.

Different condition will mean different ways that the fish will strike but this has worked for me.

Good Luck.

Love the Jewie hunt.

Brian P.

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Ok, I got the gist, bascially when the fish has it, leave it in strike. I got a shimano Trynos and caught my first jew the other week. Small 53cm fish, so I put it back. I left it to run, but i heard from a freind never to do so. Ill leave it in strike from now on and try it all out.,

But most importantly, THANKS for the help.

BTW, the fish was caught using live squid just before Juno point on a drop off on the channel there (upstream). It was 10am, and if I remember correctly, it was a tide that was changing from high to low :)

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