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To Catch A Cod, Murray Cod That Is.


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Hi Raiders,

I've been living in the Tamworth area for over a year now and finally decided to take up an offer to fish a fellow fishers property, with a lovely bit of river thorugh it. I can tell you where it is but, I'll have to kill you all and then he'd probably kill me to.

My inland knowledge is still down compared to what I'm used to in the salt, so after a lot of enthusiastic "ring the bloke and lets do it" from a work colleague I finally tee'd up a day. WHY DID I LEAVE IT SO LONG?????????? :1prop:

We arrived about 4pm and started our walK up stream. There was no real plan other than to walk and cast amongst the structures. We used a variety of lures but black and purple spinner baits were the most successful. I lucked out with only a couple of good hits and hook ups but none to the bank + a small yellow belly. My mate's experience shone through and as you can see he nailed em. All fish released (except carp, which was caucht on the spinner bait, weird!).

There is little doubt that the Murray Cod is alive and well in some areas and when they are this big the carp must be fodder for them.

Hope your kingie social goes well, i'd love to get down for it but wont be happening. May make it Sydney some time this year? :wacko:


Brian P.

other pics

.other pic

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Goodness me, they are nice! Looks like a great spot. Imagine having that in your backyard... nice!

He told me he bought the block in 2000. 685acres for 245k, I think they are about the figures. Any way at the time people were say "your mad, that's too much" (local blokes who didn't see the forest for the trees) but he was from the city and to him it was how much do you want, not how much is it. That is his back yard and you can't put a price on it, just a magic location. Some of us can only dream.

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