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Going To New Zealand

Beach Fisho

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Hi Raiders,

I'll be heading to NZ in the last week of Jan and i thought i would stay over the weekend and go out on a charter on the Saturday. I would mainly like to chase Kingfish, but not sure which island would be the most appropriate to stay at for the fishing charters, or what port/suburb would be best to look for charter boats?

Any information would be appreciated.

Cheers, BJ

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G'day BJ

If you're after kings, the North Island is the way to go. Go up to the Bay of Islands, not far North of Auckland, and there are some charters out of there, and I have seen these guys land some massive kings, easily 1m plus. The legal size for a king in NZ is 80 cm, so that should give you some idea about the average size of their fish! From memory, I think a name of an operater there is Steve Butler.

Good luck and let us know what you catch!

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Yep - north island for kingies - make sure you hold on - they are kingies on steroids!

Some of the larger Newsagents have the NZ Fishing Magazine - always a good read at any time. They will have lots of charters in their classified section & lots of info on what is 'on' at the moment.

This is a good site to check out:


Have fun! Hope you get into heaps



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