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Botany Bay 18 And 19/1/07


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Hit the bay at 7:00pm yesterday in search of a jewfish.Dropped off some crab traps and then went and got some livies.The wind made getting livies hard but I managed a squid and some mackrel and yellowtail.I also had some live mullet.Went to Tom Uglies but only managed some undersized bream.Moved to Captain Cook Bridge and put out the livies and some nippers.Ten mins later the live squid gets a good hit but I missed it.The head of the squid was gone but I put it back in.Twenty mins later the rod buckles over and line peals off.The fish headed for the pylon but I managed to stop it.Acouple of good runs later and it was under the boat.Afew more turns of the reel and I was hoping a good jewfish would surface but it ended up being a 1.5m bronze whaler.Didn't want to mess around with it so I just cut the line close to the mouth.The water under the bridge was 27.5 degrees.It was like bath water.Not sure if that is any good for jewfish fishing.The rest of the night passed with the only action coming from rays and banjos.Got abit of shut-eye and at 5:30am went and checked the traps.Only one keeper crab and four female crabs with eggs which were released.Moved the traps to a different spot and headed offshore infront of the lighthouse.The current was heading north which I thought was abit strange as it should be running south.The fishing was slow but I managed a keeper snapper and some leatherjackets.The wind picked up so I decided to go and check the traps and then fish for some bream.By the time I got to the traps the wind had really picked up and the chop was quite large.Checked the traps and managed another six keepers.Dropped them again and went to find a close by bream spot.The chop ended up being to big and it would have been to uncomfortable to fish so I called it a day.It would have been good if I could have left the traps longer and been able to fish for bream but atleast I managed some keepers.


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Thanks guys.

Already BBQ'd the fish this arvo.

Tomorrow making a crab pasta.

Love crab pasta :yahoo: You have to invite me over :074: Ican maybe come and fix ur tv antenna at the same time,You did say your tv antenna is playing up :074::074::074::074:

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Crazy John in these traps I had yellowtail,slimy mackeral and sweep and the crabs went for all of the baits.

pk-fishn grab some witches hat nets,there not expensive and can give you some great catches of crabs which are very welcome especially when the fishing is slow.

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