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Thank You Very Much Fishraiders

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Stewy and I have been overwhelmed by the amount of pm's and emails regarding the social event held yesterday at Clifton Gardens.

We have managed to read them all and we thank everyone for the brilliant suggestions and favourable comments. We will be replying within the next few days.

Not even 24 hours after this event and the next one is being planned by members :thumbup:

It just shows what a great community we are

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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I think I remember this line correctly.....

"Build it & they will come"

Thats exactly what has happened here - a gr8 site has been built!!!

Congrats to everyone :thumbup:

That,s saying was taken from a movie my friend ,This is reality,So stop [WASTING TIME] :074::074::074::074: But have to agree with you ROY,When i 1st swa this site ,didn,t think much of it.But like you said it has come along way.

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