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The Weekly Welcome


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Welcome to all the new members this week. The forum is made up of beginners to the experienced fisho and all are willing to help. We are a family friendly site. Looking forward to reading your posts.

Your moderators are coollamon, jewhunter, flightmanager, OutdoorDan, MallacootaPete, Sammy0884, crazedfisherdude, swordfisherman and mrsswordfisherman. Give us a yell at anytime should you need any assistance.

Hello to

Hutcho1, gregclontarf, afterhours, MRTJ2U, Fishingnotcatching, Bentstik, autocad, hookem, mr_sharks, flatheadpete, GlenP, chopper75, dilbert, Jigger, Vik, woodsie, Dolmo, ralph, arnelfg, dashark, samdaman, Peter mccormack, Stui E, Charmed, kaRm4, Simonator, King Mania, Dr DRIFT, Coldie, rev68, Denis Woodland, roykeane, gongsluggo, thewigg, Ragnor, VietGod, zen, mr mojo, Gohardorgohome, kymbo, vass, Dropshot, chrisw, dan01, Snagman, greenback, Mrs Slayer666, Ray R, sbd, Darryn, ecarta, King George, Snoopy, fishhunter, sails, michaelb5073, grabirk, nargan, bbenny, Nel, Russell Wilson, Marc Kurth, pmak, fishingmik, LUMPOOKEY, jjchicago, billabong, Pookie, wet camper,almo, Rupie, Browndog, pandora1249

Keep an eye out for our next social!!!

Fill in your profiles or introduce yourselves here


Make sure you are familiar with our site rules


Drop in to the Live Chat room for a natter.

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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A huge :1welcomeani: to the newcomers and what a list this month. :1yikes:

I hope you all enjoy the site and don't be shy about posting whatever info

you need regarding fishing, as there are many members here who are more than willing to share

their knowledge with you.

Please also post your fishing reports too..hopefully with pictures.



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