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Planning A Fishing Trip To Qld


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Hi all planning a fishing trip to Qld for 2 weeks in need of a few good spots to check out,

Am heading to Hervey Bay for a wedding then at least 10 days of fishing . Will be checking out

Moreton Bay and at least 2 days at Lake Awoonga near Gladstone to try for those big barra, never fished for them befor and i guess will be the only chance i get for quite awhile . Has any one fished their ?? any good spots and tips for fishing their or how to find barra

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If you want barra, I would advise (from a charter experience, watched what the guy did) getting a cast net and trying to get mullet. The barra luv em'. Also they can take lures. A barra is ard to hook tho, cos he will suck a lot. Also, a lot of other things will take barra baits

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You will have to score for sure around Harvey Bay. Fishing is sensational around those parts for the Pelagics.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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Thanks all for the replies all advice taken hope to get at lease 1 barra over a 1 Mitre of course.

Roberta thanks for a summary of experiences on the Awoonga site, sorry you didnt get any thats fishing

also hope to see you at Forster next week

Anyone know how long it would take to get to Awoonga from Hervey Bay ?? also how far inland from

Gladstone is it . If camping is it a pay site also to use showers etc, one more question i heard you must

get a permit to fish the lake is this right??

Sorry for all the questions want to plan ahead to get more :1fishing1::beersmile: in

Anymore good places up their for a look see

cheers all

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