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Shark Fishing Video.


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Thanks for the kind words Guys .

The footage was shot up at North West Island off Gladstone on our Annual trip up there, mates, family etc . One of the Sharks was a Sandbar and the other was some type of Whaler, Silky maybe ? on another day I forgot the camera and of-course we hook a BIG angry critter that Jumped clean out of the water,not like a Mako but lurched ,then smashed the surface to foam before taking off on a screaming surface run...we all watched this unfold and said something like"GOSH" mmmm...." I said something like" :1yikes: . Big animal that we eventually got up to the side of the boat.

Wow that sand bar in the beginning looked pretty tretchourss,

Wasn't a Sand Bar but a Coral reef, the Mtr pole gives you a idea how deep its on the lip of the reef.

I'll get the Missus to post a vid as she got a few nice fish as well as my 6yr old, she had to let them all go as she doesn't like hurting them.

The trip is not a fish destroy type but a kick back and enjoy a bit of a :1fishing1: , have a :beersmile: and see the kids enjoy themselves.......... me, well... I just work to put fish on the table for people to eat...don't enjoy it MUCH :074:

Thanks again .



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