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Observations Of Snapper Feeding


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Greetings Raiders!

I thought this little story might be of interest to keen snapper fisherpeople..

Over Christmas, First Mate and I went to Sea World. There is an attraction called "Shark Bay", which is a massive pool with lots of big sharks, fish etc. that you can view from an under water viewing area.

Whilst we were there, the fish were fed - chunks of fish (say 5cm square) were thrown in the water.

A good sized snapper came for a taste. It sucked the fish into its mouth and spat it out again. It repeated this numerous times before taking the fish and swimming off.

I guess the fish are fairly well fed (otherwise the sharks would clean up), so there was no great hunger to cause the fish to smash the food on offer....

I hope this helps next time the snapper just wont seem to take the bait...give it a little time...

Cheers everyone and have a great long weekend.. :biggrin2::biggrin2:

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Thanks for your observations.

I believe when reddies are in numbers on the outside reefs they hit a bit more ferociously. When they are on the closer grounds as solitary creatures they behave as you described.


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