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Pittwater 26/1


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Gday All

Happy Australia Day to everyone :thumbup:

Left Brooklyn ramp at about 6:30 and went straight to west head. Talked to Big Banana there to find out the bait fish were not co-operating. :thumbdown: Managed to score 1 yakka after a while, thats all I really wanted as it was going to be used to attract some squid hopefully.

Tried the first squid spot for a good while to no avail, things were not looking good. The yakka was still kicking around so decided to troll it in one of the bays near Scotland Island. The sounder was dead, despite a good temp of 23 degrees. :thumbdown:

Went to east side of the island for another crack at squid. The old man was first to bring one aboard, a good size squid on a cheap 2.5 orange jig. :biggrin2: From their I surprised myself and bought in another 3 squid, all good kingy sized, this time on size 2 orange yozuri. :yahoo:

And now for the disappointing part, trolled a live squid around several spots and wrecks for absolutely nothing. The sounder showed a bit of bait in some spots, but no real predators were showing. I also kept an eye out for working schools of fish, but that didnt happen either.

After a bit called it a day, cant complain to much because ive got a good feed of calamari coming up :tease:

Cheers Shaun


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G'day Shaun,

We went out today at Pitty as well, and we did not go much better. We only boated 2 squid at Barrenjoey headland, got a heap of yakkas at west head. Downrigged around the headland for zip - well, we had a couple of takers and dropped a very small King at the boat.

Went inside Pitty, around wrecks, moorings etc - had a squid and yakka on two different downriggers. Jack, squat diddly. Saw some fish busting up occasionally, but went down when we went to investigate.

Tough day, but the conditions in the morning were superb. Water temps were great, damn fish were not playing.

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Was going to head to pittwater on sunday, but your reports are putting me off............ :mad3:

I read that the pros have been banded from pittwater for 6 months - due to over fishing and to enable the fish to recover - any truth to this???

Most fish seem to be comming out of the Habour - might try there instead

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