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First Sydney Kings 27th Jan


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hey guys,

We decided to head out to fishing this morning and went straight to the wedding cakes. Started burleying wif pillies bread and prawns. >_< wasnt very effective though. Cause the current was justt drifting it away to some other guy's boat. Anyway my friend noticed his rod was bending then he hooked it up and then ZZZZZZZZZZZz reel started going off! this it had many runs wif the 20lb fireline and 15lb mono trace. Hooked it on a piece of prawn too! And then we noticed it was definately a decent kingie probably just legal one. However my friend is new to fishing so the drag wasnt set properly and he had to adjust it while fighting. And the other thing was the line wasnt on the reel wheel thing(the point where it makes the line an L shape from the reel). Anyway the line getting very hot and it cut thru the plastic part of the shakeunderwater reel >_< yeh and eventually hte 15lb mono trace got cut off by teeth.

So we moved on to clifton gardens saw one boat but then they moved off and a couple of guys at the wharf. So fished 30m from wharf. And then there was no action at all. Not even one bite. So i gave up and threw the double hooked whole pilchard in the water and let it drift while i was trying to untangle my sabiki jig. Then the rod started to bend. Line went off and zzzzzzzzzz first time in my life to catch a kingie and to see one in the wild. LOL Took like 5 mins to fight it and eventually got it in this time. It measured just legal 60cm but it fought well on the 20lb GSP and 20lb mono. My mates on the boat neva seen a kingie before or caught one so we were like yelling and laughing so loud and saying 'YES WE FINALLY DID IT!' . I think all the guys on the wharf was looking at us wondering what happened. LOL

All in all a GREAT day but the wind picked up at 11:30am so we headed back


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Ah.. u bloody beauty mate! Well bloody-extremely-superbly done! Hmm.. didn't we had an agreement that you'll sashimi your 1st legal as payment for tuition? I'm waiting... lol

Again, congrats mate. Bet you're hooked now and understand the power of kings on light gears.



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