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Cpl Of Days Fishing


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Hi All

Had a late afternoon fish on Wednesday, hit the water at 1pm, lucky for us at the ramp ran into Kelvin, not literally but he was exceptionly generous as usual and handed over a hard earnt squid.

Consequnetnly Hakara and I put a poor effort into our own bait collection. No yakkas in sight which seemed odd.

But onto the interesting stuff, we went over to the wave rider and connected to a number of good fish but nothing near the boat, wandered out to Blue fish for the largest patch of bait to show on the sounder in about 3 pixels,

So back inside to the drum at Cliffton, over the afternoon we boated somthing like 15-18 kings and a trevor. All but one King was just under 60, the legal went 73.

As most of the fish were rats Lance and I were fishing with our 2500 series reels, nice sporting fun.

I had rigged a 2 hook setup, that i had picked up from Tonys shop the other day, and was thinking we would tow around for some fish, so flipped it on and a nice strip of squid, after a bit the rod slowly loaded up and I thought mm nice trevor??, lifted the rod to set the hook, and wham, thinking goes froma trevor to a definite King, slowly work it in, get it close to boat side and get a look, had been a long day so a blink to see if I had double vision LOL and zing............. away THEY went, a close to 60cm king on the top hook and a boated 73cm king on the bottom, WOW did the little twin power work hard.

Was a great arvo fish,

Then on Australia day decided to fish somewhere I had not fished before, with Pete off Angela we decided to after a couple of very slow days off Sydney and the mediocre reports down here recently. Headed up the F3 to Central Coast to launch with a plan to collect bait, hit the FAD and then look north for good water and bait.

Managed a couple of nice bonito in close on the 2500's they r great fun on the light stuff, and one big yakka.

The terrigal FAD was a non-event. At 20.2 we didn't look like catching a dolly and the boat already there when we arrived confirmed it was dead. crazy that unlike SeaJay I have had 4 fishes for Dolly s and have one littlee to show for it,

We ran a long way north east out out to 90 fthms with more temp. breaks I have seen previously. 20.2 at the FAD quickly became 22.4, but then dropped back to 19.8. Was about to give it away when temp. started to lift again, eventually hitting 24 plus, with birds, dolphins and surface bait finally showing up.

We got hammered by a feisty little black which wolfed the biggest lure in the spread, a massive pusher we had oout for a Blue. Nothing more after that, although with the long trip home by water and road we called it a day earlier than usual.

All in all a successful day, albeit hard work for one fish.

Thanks to Jon for another very enjoyable day on the water.



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Sounds like great fun, fellas. :thumbup::yahoo: 15-18 kings in one session is a great tally - even considering that they were mostly just-under. They must've been a hoot on the 2500s. I'll have to get a couple of those two-hook rigs of Tony if they catch two kingies every cast! :074: What a classic. Reminds me of a story in this month's Modern Fishing where Phil Atkinson catches two tailor on one popper (2kg and 4kg). Sounds like the little black was a welcome surprise on such a big lure. Well done. Any pics?


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