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Tackle Backs

Guest rzep

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After all of the talk about Takle Backs I headed down to Watto's to check them out.

He has a great deal going on them at the moment.

What you get is a hand reel, Nylon Blind cord (rated to 90kg breaking strain) and of course the tackle back.

Sean is selling this set up for only $20.

If you use it and only get 2 lures un-snagged then it has payed for it self.

Here is a pic of the set up that I got.


Stewy was down there at the same time and gave me a demonstration on how it works and I would saw that you should be able to get back almost 100% of snagged lures.(Sorry Sean, I don't think I will be in there buying as many lures now. :tease: )

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