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Squid Day


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gday squidboy,

hit the spots i told you about, just remember to get some livies aswell.

see you at the wharf

Your a legend "Jewnut" I didnt get your number unfortunately but PM me if you like :)

Ill try those spots and let you know

Thanks once again for a great chat

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great catch mate

what is your technique? anchor up and bob paternosters up and down?

how far from the bottom do you work the jigs?

cheers, I've never squidded offshore, But I'm interested in how you do it

You must excuse me since Im a learner on this website also. I didnt realise the post went for two pages :(

But here goes nothing. My technique is to use a single jig, not two cause that spooks squid also when they see two jigs alot of the time. I just tie some mono clear leader to the jig and make sure the jig hovers over the weed beds by only a couple of feet. This will drag out the squid from weed beds as they also look up for food too. The style is exactly like a prawn scampering away too.

Once again sorry for not realising you had a post question


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