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Hooked Rigs For Kingies, Etc


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Hi Guys,

As the topic says i am looking to know how to setup a rig for batied ways to catch kingies and others.

I have only been using lure for them at the moment but would like to try some small live bait, squid strips, fish strips, etc.

I have 20pnd mono, 10pnd braid, 40pnd leader, 15pnd leader, 10pnd mono...so i have a variety of lines to chose from. Im just want to try the fresher stuff and try and get some hook ups...at night after some jews and day after kingies and salmon.

Just after places to go to, to see diagrams or if people can advise on what type of setup to use.

Thank you


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Guest IFishSick.

The classic is the two hook sliding snell rig. I like to put a straight live bait hook at the front and a circle hook at the back. This is good for all live baits. For dead baits use two circle hooks.

Depending on how shallow you're fishing as to how strong your mono should be, very shallow I wouldn't go under 40lb, deeper it could be possible to get away with 20lb, with some bust offs likely.

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