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Repeat Performance!


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Hey all

After a GREAT day yesterday myself an greg greg decided to hit clifton again! Greg squided for 3 hrs for a big elll zicho :1badmood: ,,, Despite the lack of squid we thought bugger it might as well go to CG even without squid an troll or cast plastics.

Get their an greg cracks out his secret weapon some freshly bought squid from @#^ shop! Thought yeah right :wacko: .

We gotot smashed on this bought squid, thank gawd! :1fishing1:. Only prob was we ran out lol!!!

End result for 3-4hrs fishing for kingys was 6 or 7 rats, 1 keeper, 1 bustoff, an several which we pulled the hooks on!

Another awesome day on the harb! Wheres that 3M tiger thats hanging on clifton? :tease: Just kidding

Dan an Greg

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Hey Fellas

Strange thing is cause most of the kinngs arent overly big, they are not taking livies as well as a squid strip. Seen alot of peple bring up dead yakkas lately after a screaming run :mad3:

Talking about bream, I had a bloody bream take a whole squid i had setup for a big kingy,,,,,,,,,,, not happy JAN! :1badmood: lol

The kingys have been biting strange lately almost like a reddie or a flathead,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you feel the tap, tap,,, then weight,,, strike, an ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz off they go!!!!!!!! Weird as we usually set an forget our rods with BTRS till the rod buckles

Dan an Greg

PS WD on the bream Tricks

Edited by Dan and Greg
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