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Southcoast Salmon


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I spent the long weekend down at Crookhaven Heads and got out for a few early sessions. The first couple of days I worked the lower section of the river chasing bream and flathead around the oyster leases which were pretty quiet. I managed a few 45-50cm Flatties but worked bloody hard for them. The bream were almost non existent. Talking to a few locals, they think that with the closure of some of the major south coast rivers to the pro's the Crookhaven is now seeing an increased level of pressure. Interesting...

After hearing someone talking about schools of fish just outside the heads on Sunday I took the punt out through the river entrance to find a huge school of salmon and tailor at the back of the beach. I motored up to the school on the electric and had got smashed on my first cast. I was using a three inch powerbait in the clear colour and the salmon certainly liked it scoffing it on the sink.

I was using my 3kg bream gear and the first fish was a decent salmon of about 3kg that took me near 20 minutess to boat. All the time there were salmon busting up the surface all around me and I could see thousands swimming around the boat. With the first one boated after a slug fest down deep, my second cast got smacked a few times before I was bitten off.

I switched over to a metal lure on my 6kg baitcaster and caught a tailor first cast. Followed that up with a another smaller Salmon on the second cast. By that stage the mass of holiday mugs turned up and started trolling straight through the school and they went off the chew pretty quickly.

That is the first time I have chased Salmon on my bream gear and they were bloody good fun. I will post some photos tomorrow if someone can tell me how?


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