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Anyone Considered A Paternoster On A Downrigger?


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assuming you had a fairly heavy sinker on, I can't think why you couldn't use a paternoster on a downrigger with a afew lures on it

anyone done it?

i guess it might be a problem getting the weight balance right so the release wouldn't pop

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Only new to the world of downrigging, but I do know that you can get clips that attach the the downrigger cable so you can run more than one line off it at different heights......others here will be able to advice on what they are called.

In the US some of the boats have as many as 6 downriggers working at once

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If you want to run Bait/Lures at different depths the best way to do it is to Stack your rigger, Which means you run a second rod half way up your cable, Can get a bit messy but when you get the hang of it it is quite easy.

IN relation to making your own rigger many people have tried and they havent lasted too long, A friend of mine made one and he did a good job but it still cost him around $200 which parts...etc...but he's a engineer so he obviously knows what he is doing.

Unfortunately on the one he made he has no Depth Counter and no Auto brake, People who have used downriggers know how important these things are.

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