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Sharky And Sammy0884 Play In The Nursery


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Hey Guys,

got a call at 6pm from Sharky to go down to Oatley park for a late arvo flick.. so i rounded up some gear and jumped in the car, the 6.45 high tide saw us casting away and we were already getting hits, and with the mullet jumping it was only a matter of time before things would hot up!

Sharky managed the first fish, a thumping tailor of approximately 10cm which was landed after a spirited fight!


after numerous chopped plastics we decided a move to the other end of the cove was a good idea, and it certainly paid dividends, a few casts into the move and Mark was onto a true monster that tried to bust him off on the swimmers net, but alas, the fish hit the deck a few moments later and celebrations followed.


The very next cast Sharky was on again, this time something well over legal, but some over zealous striking saw the fish released mid water, and another released a few casts later when it spat the hooks after a few head shakes....

Unfortunatley i was unable to land a fish, mostly being too busy laughing at Sharky to capitalise on those tap tap taps...

Anyway, it was a good few hours of laughing and taking the piss, a very pleasant way to end the day..



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