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Reputable Custom Rod Builders In Sydney


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Hey fellas,

Just wondering if anyone could recommend a reputable custom rod builder in Sydney. I do heaps of heavy rock fishing with some beach work thrown in and currently use a 7wrap Snyder outfit but am looking to have a custom built rod designed specifically to target big pigs, groper and kingies out wide as well as jewies off the beach. Blanks I'm interested in at the moment are the SU7153 (low mount) or a 9wrap MT144 Snyder Glas. Just need the right bloke to build this up for me with the right components - heavy duty fuji guides, alps aloy reel seat, etc. Can anyone recommend a rod builder in Sydney who is well qualified and experienced in building top quality rods?

P.S. this rod will be married up with an alvey 650BE1 or 650E5 with 20-30pound Maxima or Tortue line.


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:1welcomeani: to the site RockHoppin.

One of our sponsors, Kingrods builds some of the best rods anywhere in Sydney.

He will custom build any rod to your specifications and the best part is..as a Fishraider member, you get a very handsome discount.

Do give him a shout and pay him a visit at his workshop. You can find him on the advertising banners at the top

of this page.

We also have another sponsor on the site..Tony's Fishfinder Bait & Tackle and he also builds very nice rods.

You also get a Fishraider member discount there too.

Good luck with whatever you choose and I hope your time on the forum is productive.

Don't forget to post up your fishing successes or trips as we all like to read of member's outings.

If you have a digi camera..even better as you can post your pics on here as well.



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Mate, i paid Kingrods a visit last night to see if he could build me a rod.

Must admit i was very impressed with his work and have now ordered a new rod through him.

Pay him a visit and you won't be dissapointed

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I am putting a quote together for you...will let you know the damage shortly


It was great to meet you. She will be a killer

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