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Monday On The Harbour


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We finally took the boat out on the harbour.

Arrived at Tunks Park just before daybreak and headed out to Clifton Gardens.

After having a piece of mullet out for a while thought I should check it. It felt a bit heavy and I thought I was hauling in a hunk of weed, to my surprise a big flathead was on the end. I didn't realise it was just sucking on the mullet until we were about to net it and it just floated back into the deep. Not long after that my reel started to scream. My first kingfish on a prawn, I didn't know how good they could fight. It was just undersize so I can't wait to catch a big one.

It was my day for catching the fish I also caught another kingfish on chicken breast and parmesan cheese, a flathead (dinner tonight), a flounder, an octopus, small bream, squire and a starfish all in middle harbour.

Mr Dal caught a starfish, some baby bream and squire. Maybe he will have better luck next time.

We left about 2pm and headed home.

Someone left their socks joggers at the boat ramp in the morning they were still there when we left I hope you got them back.


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