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Port Stephens Game Fishing


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I was down there on the long weekend, Unfortunately we didnt get to fish as we were plastered each night and couldnt get up but each arvo we would eat at Little beach ramp to see the boats coming back in and check out there catches.

Saw 6 marlin bought in, All small stripes that were caught beyond the shelf and also heard of many more being released, Ross wont have any problems getting you onto some fish as he knows that area very well.

ALso saw some massive Old Man Snapper come in...im talking 10-15kg

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Guest IFishSick.

Yeah I went up there after Christmas and it wasn't much chop on the gamefishing seeing 1 Marlin and 1 Bull Dollie brought in and hearing about 1 Marlin released. But a lot of very decent snapper were caught, a few big ones to 6kg

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