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Social At Woy Woy

the bream

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Hi Mate,

the social calendar is quite full around that time to hold an all out social, mods and admin will be meeting shortly to arrange the official social calendar for autumn and winter.

However, you are more than welcome to invite people to fish with you at any time that pleases you!

i'll put this one on hold pending a decision from the admin staff later tonight.

Kind Regards,

Sammy0884 (moderator)

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Thanks Sammy.

Thanks Dan also for that suggestion.

Socials take a lot of organising and there are already a few underway.

Admin suggests that members form an Socials Organising Committee :biggrin2:

If anyone is interested in joining such a group please send a personal message to swordfisherman or myself asap.

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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