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Great Tip On Trailers

Guest DV8

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The other day I was talikning to a water ski bloke at the boat ramp who gave me some great advice on trailer maintenance. Maybe it is not new to any of you guys but I will share it anyway. He had a permanent hose rigged up and tied onto his trailer with cable ties with microjets placed strategically around his hubs, bearings, and breaks. At the end of a session he just plugged in for five minutes and his working parts on the trailer were now salt free.

Thought it might be worth posting this for those of you not suffering water restrictions.


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Guest Big-Banana

Been doing this for almost 4 years. A lot of guys come up and look at the ramp. Gotta give credit to the old man for this one :1prop:

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Ah you guys obviously are not suffering the water restrictions we are on the central Coast. We are not even allowed to flush our outboards.

Unfortunately i live in a council that is run by "billy goats" that have been there for too long.

they have obviously made no plans for the future, happy to allow development (and consequently more rate payers) without providing the infrastructure like sufficient water supply for the increased number of residents. Obviously mathematics was not their forte at school.


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