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Getting A Map Ready To Go With The Pm


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Hi guys

I am working on a map of the front of the lake & breakwalls to show where most of the spots I have mentioned in the pm are. There are lots of other areas to be explored, too, believe me!

Fished with Geoff 2 the other day - and we both got into a couple of blackies - 30cm+. He fished Tuncurry side near the yellow pole & kept 2, and put back quite a few. I dropped a nice one & put a few back, too. Then he came over to the Forster side & took my spot, as my other half had come to pick me up! Noel, the local legend & rock hopper at age 80+ dropped a massive fish. Bummer!

Geoff 1 (Tafc010) was busy elsewhere - I believe they are both heading back home today.

Cheerio for now


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