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Caught 2, Kept One, Dropped 2 - Blackies


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Hi guys

Went out this morning for the top of the high - got there a bit early & had a long wait!! The water was crystal clear, so spent my time chatting with 2 young blokes (aged 8 & 12) and boy, will they make great fishos in the future!!

The younger one, in particular, was very observant - knew all about the eddies & the rocks forming the eddies & after a little while was advising me on where to put my float for the best chance!! Top young men! They had never seen a blackie & are still waiting to see one!! I hooked one whilst they were there, but it got off!

i think I will stick to the runout tides for a while now - better chance of connecting, I reckon!

Beautiful day out there, tho - sunny blue skies, watching the dolphins frolicking along the wall - saw one with a bigger fish than the one I had caught! Not fair. Still lots of visitors around.

Big fire in the forest along behind Nine Mile Beach this morning - took a few hours to get under control.

See ya


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Roberta - Bad luck on the dropped blackie.

I also had a couple of young guys for company the other week. I was spinning up some little tailor from the rocks at Pearl Beach (left the wife under the brollie on the beach) and was watching them move closer to my spot everytime I hooked up.

Finally one of them came over and asked "what kinda jelly ar u usin mista, cause it sure works good". I had to go (cause I know how much time under the brollie alone is to much), so left them with the "good worken" soft plastic and a bit of helpfull advice (I hope) and left them to it.

Great to see kids out there having a fish.


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