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Landbased In Port Hacking


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HI all

Just wondered if someone could post a 'guide to landbased fishing' in Port hacking for the newbies among us, incluyding me.

I live on the Georges and am having no luck at all, so thinking of a change.



A lot of guys have settled with the whole idea and notion of every bait and rig works best for each person, there is no 'perfect' way of going about things. Firstly I'd say check which fish your aiming for then start going from there, which bait and what set up..etc

For me I go for bream and I'm mostly using chicken, they love the stuff, they attack it like there's no tomorrow sometimes. Just depends on your day aswell. Like me I used to do the Georges River but not much luck so I decided to try the hacking once, wasn't bad, very nice and clean waterway though in my opinion.


That might help ya out for some of the rigs depending on the fish you want.

The guide is basically choose a fish or two that your after, then choose the bait they like and go for that a bit. Bream - prawns, chicken or anything else that might go...Flathead - prawns, pilchards..etc.

Like i said though, each person has their own methods in the end. Some people have their line pulled more than others, I duno if its a thing called luck, or if its an extra formula they put into it, but just go with trial and error, enjoy the nice waterways and good luck fishing :1fishing1:

There's a huge variety in the Hacking too from what I've been noticing :)

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Guest IFishSick.

You'll see me down and around the warf's all around Lilli Pilli and Cronulla soon trying to get some squid, havn't been for a while so I've got to get my skills right for the future.

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Guest Aussie007

try lilly pilly baths fish off the warf we fished there 29/1/07 with prawn,pilly,squid the prawns keeped on getting hit by friggen toad fish we now call my uncle "the toad king" absolutely nothing hit the pillys but on the other hand the squid hooked a 2.5-3 foot shovel nose shark in the hole out side of the bath got a couple of sting'ies dinner plate size and a few 25cm snappers strait out on the tip of the sand bar look lilly pilly up on google earth it will show u where to fish off the warf and what area u want to be fishing ie: deep water,sand bar,drop offs etc..

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