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Sydney Harbour


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Hi Raiders i hope that you have all had a great fish this weekend.

Went out on Saturday from Gladesville Bridge & Motored up into the harbour & was greated by choppy water.

As we have never fished the Harbour before we didn't really know where to start, in the distance there were about 200 sail boats so we picked a quite spot & dropped our lines.

Two big rods out for the Kingies or Jewies, we had a light outfit for each of us (3 people)

First drop I get a hit on the lightrod & it was a 25cm Snapper & they kept coming although we only managed one keeper a flat head we managed to bring 62 fish up. (we are very competitive & so we score each other)

Their was a range of Fish:






Unfotunately nothing to report on the big roda, was desperately hoping for a Kingie or two. We had a go at squid jigging with no success, i'm not even sure if we were in the right or using the right technique. If anyone has a map & could point out where spots like the wedding cake are I would be really greatful.

Although we only got the one keeper it was a fun days fishing & I will be definately in the Harbour again.

Next weekend we are going to Jervis Bay for the weekend so I look forward to posting a report full of great cathces.

Until next time TIGHT LINES :1fishing1:

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Sounds like you were kept busy and had some fun.

It would have been difficult fishing the harbour today

as it was such a nice day and with all of that boat traffic the

kings and jewies would have been very shy.

Can't really help you with fishing spots as I don't really fish

the harbour but I'm sure some of the other raiders will help you out.

Good luck at Jervis Bay.I hope you catch some big fish.

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