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Lake Macquarie Pro Bream


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Hi all

We fished the Lake Macquarie pro Bream on the weekend. As a few of you know I have really struggled on this lake in the past but we thought what the hell... we will give it a shot anyway. It was a teams event so it will be a laugh if nothing else.

We didnt get a chance to prefish before the comp so we went in pretty much blind. We had a couple of new spots to try but were not expecting a great deal..

1st stop were some boats where I pulled the 1st bream ... and it went size!!! No record breaker at 26cm but it was 1 in the well.

Over the next 4hrs we tried a few different spots and had 4 in the well. We were averaging a fish an hour. Again not huge fish but they were size.

It was coming up to 11am and were were fishing the outside of some weed beds. I made the comment to my deckie that we were just about due for another weigher and next cast he produced..... Only one to go for our limit.

Around midday I dropped a horse next to the boat.... Im sure everyone on the lake something had gone wrong :ranting2: .

With about 10mins of fishing time left I pulled a small fish that was just on size to give us our bag.... It went 2.46kg for 6 fish so it wasnt huge but hey it was a limit so we were happy.

Sunday saw us starting in 15th with the top bag being 4.6kg.

The 1st stop was where I had droped the good fish yesterday. About 4th cast my deckie had 1 at about 700g hit the net which was a good start. I was doing it tough and couldn't raise a bite. I came up tight on a small fish that turned out to be a greed toad which made short work of my SX40


Around 7am I fired out a long cast and came up tight on a better fish. It took off like a scolded cat and I was starting to regret going down to 4lb leader. After a few anxious moments this guy hit the net..


It ended up weighing 1.12kg and missing the big bream by 80g.. but it was still a new PB.

After that things went down hill and we didn't boat another fish for the rest of the session. But it was still a great day

I wouldn't say we have cracked Lake Macquarie but we have definately made some head way :thumbup:

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Thanks guys... it was a pretty good couple of days

Geez.. a toad did that to your SX? And I thought HBs are safe from them but then I might be wrong :wacko:

I thought the same..... he had his haed out of the water and I could see him chomping away... We he got off I thought he had bitten through the trebble.... but he just bit through the back end of the lure :wacko:

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Tyronne - to be honest mate I haven't been out for a while. We have been getting a few bream in Tuggerah Lakes and chasing a few flattioes in Lake Macquarie but thats about it

Hopefully be heading down the Hawkesbury over the next couple of weeks to prefish for the next Pro Bream

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I just checked the results and we ended up finishing 12th... pretty happy with that :thumbup:

When we weighed in the big bream was 1.2kg but someone ended up weighing a 1.45kg fish so my little 1.12kg was waaaaay off :05: but still happy with the new PB

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Jethro, just out of my curiosity, what was the length of your bream if you measured it?

Funny you should ask....... I had it weighed, a quick photo then released...... Then my mate says "maybe we should have measured it" oh well... I will have to measure the next one :1prop:

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G'day Grant. How have you been?? have you been out on the creek much??

We were up the lake again on the weekend and magaed to get a few again.... Not huge fish but were are starting to get them each time we head up there.... we are getting there slowly but surely.

James - I know bream are slow growing but have no idea on the age. I think they take about 3 or years to get to legal size.

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Hi guys, I may be able to shed a little bit of light on both the questions of length and age of that bream. Of course, the following predictions are DEFINITELY NOT an exact science, but government studies have featured data (which I keep) from several studies into the length-weight-age relationships of various fish species.

It appears that Jethro's bream is a Yellowfin bream (Acanthopagrus australis). Using the length-weight realtionship data from the source Steffe, A.S., Murphy, J.J., Chapman, D.J., Tarlinton, B.E. and Grinberg, A. 1996. An assessment of the impact of offshore recreational fishing in NSW waters on the management of commercial fisheries. FRDC Project no. 94/053. Publishers, Fisheries Research Institute, NSW Fisheries. 139pp., it places the length of Jethro's fish between 36 and 37cm fork length. This, of course, is quite variable from fish-to-fish - gut contents etc etc affect this figure. It's merely a guide.

As for age-length relationships, Fisheries keep information about this relationship stored from studies in different localities - age-length relationships can vary greatly from region to region (estuary to estuary!) and I assume that it is for this reason that such information is not often published. Age is equated through the study of the otoliths in bream - this is quite specialised biology and thus cannot be easily carried out by anyone. I don't have age-length information on hand, but ringing the appropriate authorities might help if you're really interested, James.

Hope this helps,


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