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Fred's 4 Sale


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When I first moved to Sydney I didnt bring my boat so had to borrow my friends boat, which was orginally

his Dad's boat and it was named "Fred". His Dad believed no boat should be named after a women as there all trouble, and a boat named after a woman will only bring misfortune...

I love fishing Middle Harbour, and a have probablycaught more fish in Fred than my boat as I spent less time

flying around at 50km/hr lookignf or the "perfect" fishing spot or chasing bird activity from one end of middle harbour to the other and more time fishing.

I think Sydney is so lucky to have MH - You can always find somewhere to fish it in just about any weather,

you can catch just about anything in there and according to the charts ( although not the boaties using it ) a lot/most of it is 8knots/4knots or no a wake zone.

Apart from some of the big boat Captains who dont care about how there wakes effect small boats, its a safe place to fish and I think it woudl be a great place to take one of the hire trailer boats advertised on here.

As I contemplate upgrading my current 16 footer to a new/newer boat at the end of the year - Its wise to remember you can still have just as much fun boating on a budget as you can breaking the bank!


Anyway my friends upgraded and putting him up for sale so I'll post Freds details and life history in the sell/swap page

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