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Shellharbour Boat Ramp ,1km Out


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went out yesterday the sea was a bit wild,burley was in ,the same old fish were around Mackeral,yellowtail,rock cod,sargents all them sh@# fish.

A hour before dark as the sun was on its way down the action started,with in a hour we had


1 big Bonito

2 Bronze sharks(under 5 ft)

and a heap of sh#@ fish.

I think i might fish the arvos more often.


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Guest IFishSick.

5 Tailor and a big bonnie sounds like a good bag, might need to try different sorts of bait and live bait to stop catching those rubbish fish.

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Thanks for all the replys,


Anyone eles from the Gong have a trip to tell??

Fishingmik how you going?

I had a greet day last week ,Iam on a promise this weekend :wife: so will have to pass on that trip,We will talk soon my freind.

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