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Nepean River


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Ive never been around there and my old man has wondered bout taking me fishing there a few times. Are any of the fish down there edible? And how fast is the action usually? Even if I catch a few bass for a bit of fun would be a nice day out for me :D

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I wouldn't eat anything out of there. At times the action can be quite good.

Any day is a good day, last week I fished there Friday and Saturday - Friday was a GREAT day and Saturday was very slow as I didn't catch anything at all.

All in all both fun days!

Remember to have plenty of different types of lures to try out. I went to WATTO's before hand as he has a good selection of Bass lures there. :thumbup:

Check out some of the other posts about Nepean River and you will get heaps of tips from that also.

I think some raiders may be heading out again this weekend so watchout for a post about it and meeting times ect.

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