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Fishing Around Tarana


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South of Oberon, go through Black Springs and onto the Taralga road.

about 10 mins out of Black springs you go over a bridge and thats the river below.

On top of the hill on the LH side, as you go over the river is an old mining reserve and you can camp there.

No amenities but pleasant enough campsites.

Take a good sleeping bag as it get's cold at night even in summer.

There are plenty of little creeks in the pine forest further upstream as well and all have rainbows although some are only 1m wide.

Further down the road you hit the Abercrombie river which has both brown's and rainbows.

A word of warning there are heaps of snakes (black, brown and tigers around these creeks so advise caution.

Good luck let us know how you go.


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try west of oberon - upstream campbell's river.

it's the river you probably saw on a recent fishing dvd named "fishing sydney" or something thereabouts hosted ny C.Magill.

one of the better flowing rivers up that way. not sure about your camping options though.

good luck.

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