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Toad Resistant Soft Plastics (well Almost)


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As most of you know the upper LCR is the toad capital of the world.

I used to use Squidgy walleye 2" power grubs and if you were really unlucky sometimes you get tailed on the first cast.

switched over to Kokoda K grubs and it takes the little buggers a lot longer to get through them, seems like their made with a slightly harder formula.

Still manage just as many strikes though so their action is to the flattie's & breambo's liking.

Anyone else use these lures?

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Never used these Kokoda sps before. I reckon they just like to take a bite on anything that's practically thrown at them or be it moving. :1badmood: I'd reckon that it'll be a godsend if there's some toad-resistant spray that serves as an attractant to our bread-n-butter species but act as a repellent to these banes of the marine world! :yahoo:

my 2 cents


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Guest Big-Banana

i have a broshure here somewere on snap back lures they reckon their tougher than other sp's n they look good too. anyone tried em?

Snapbacks are great, pretty much get 10x the life than any other plastic. Hard to find places that stock them.

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