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Soldier Crabs


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are Soldier crabs good live bait, i gave them a crack with no luck.

got out fished by the wife using prawns.

any tips for rigging them as the shells are very brittle and break easy.. leaving dead crab.

i was using the old remove a leg and hook through the hole method

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Very small (pea-size) soldier crabs have a soft shell and baited 3 or 4 to a hook are a deadly bait for bream and especially thumper whiting. Worms will always catch more, but the lil soldiers will get you quality.

Used soldiers a lot in Moreton & Tin Can bays many years ago with great success.

Give em a go :thumbup:

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We used to use soldier crabs all the time for bait when in Qld as kids - never really saw them much once we moved to NSW. The whole beach/estuary would be alive with them.

I may see them like twice a year down here - & then only tiny ones & you'd count them on one hand! The Qld ones used to be as big as the first digit on your thumb! Monsters. No worries putting hooks in them - they didn't notice them.



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