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Back On The Water


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Well, after a week which i wont forget in a hurry,we decided to hit the hawksbury to see if we can land a jew.we started of chasing livies,come across a school of tailor and decided to cast a few lures to see if we can land any.this time i put on a pair of sunnys, and stood well away from my brother so he doesnt repeat the lure incident.we were getting double hooks,after 10 minutes,we had enough so it was time to go jewy fishing.we pull up to f&s to find only 1 other boat.we set up camp,6 lines out and the wait begins.i sent out a tailor that was about 40cm,and boy he was hypo,so you can imagine ,if he was to get smashed,it was to be a serious fish.after 20 min or so,i notice the rod start to jump around,as he was being chased.i pick the rod up,and wait,next thing you hear,zzz,and it stops.i wait another 10 sec,and again,zzzzzzzzzzzzz,and stops.i pumped ready to go,and hes on,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ,the really start to scream,my brother pulls in all lines to make the deck clear,the other boat at this stage a freakin out,as they couldnt believe what they where hearing,it was like music to your ear.after a 2 min fight,pop,the line gives way,f................ck,was all that was said for the next 10 min.it had frayed the line against the reef.spewin.as it started to get dark,the water flatten out like a mirror,the tide was about to turn as well.next thing you know, where on again,but this time we gave him no chance to run.we pulled him up from the bottom,and after a 5 min tussle,he was landed,but it wasnt a jew,it was a gumpy shark that measured 140cm,nice.we net him,get him in the boat,and he went spastic,i reach for my tuna basher,strike him on the head as he was to big to put in the kill tank,and that was it,slept like a baby.we also landed a least 6 hammer head sharks,which we did not keep[are they go eating?],so it was time to move on.i decided to give junos point a fish,as i was surprised to only find 4 other boats there,its usaully like the drive-ins.i pull up next to another boat,set the baits,and within 5 mins, the reel starts to scream.the blokes next to us couldnt believe it,as they where there for 1 hour and didnt even turn a reel,after a 10 min fight ,it turned out to be a sting ray,about a 1 meter in diameter.that was it for junos,as not much was happening.we moved to the spot that never seems to let us down,1 hour later we land 2 jewies,going approx 70 cm.it was time to call quites,as the bait run out.we ended up with a feed at least.heres the pics

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Great report, good to see you back in the water, Great catch looks like you had a top day on the water.

Sounds like your brother didnt cause any damage this week :074::074::074:



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