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Lowrance Fishfinder Gps Combo


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I've had an LMS335C on my last boat, great unit and no hassles at all. I've now got a Navman Trackfish 6500 also a great unit.

The menus on the Navman are a little easier to use in some areas - like changing between sounder, to GPS to split screen etc and on the Lowrance changing sounder settings like sensitivity etc were easier.

I'd be happy with either unit again or maybe I'd go Furuno or Raymarine - I reckon they're all pretty close these days. A mate has a Garmin 178C I think - combo unit and it's pretty good and very clear.

I think the CMap mapping is a bit better than the Navionics but the speed and smoothness of the GPS tracking on the Lowrance is better - smoother and easier to follow track if you need to come back at night.

Hope that provides some help


PS - I've go the fuel flow on the Navman and although kinda gimmicky it's great to know how much fuel is left and it's super accurate - I fill to within 1 or 2 litres of what the fuel flow has recorded - that's using around 30 to 50 litres on a day out

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have any of you owned or know about the lms 332 c by lowrance are they good and user friendly.im thinking of fitting one to my new poly frontrunner.

If you are thinking of Lowrance then jump onto the site and download the product emulator.

I learned all about ours by playing with the emulator :biggrin2:


Hve fun

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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