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Big Ones Coming Thru


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Hi guys

Had a couple of hours fishing the Forster Breakwall this morning - the other half was at art classes, so I had 3hrs to kill ..... usually 'put aside' for fishing, of course!

It had been raining on & off all morning & in between showers (I thought) I ducked down to Burgess Beach to grab some cabbage. Got drenched, of course! I had caught 2 on cabbage that I had scrounged from the rocks where I was fishing yesterday at Tuncurry (one 35cm & one 30cm, dropped two more of equal size plus put about 6 other legals back!) It was far too nice a day to stay indoors! (Good cabbage grows around the rocks at Burgess Beach & the Main beach, behind the pool.)

Popped a tiny bit of cabbage on the hook & threw it in - about 2 secs later, I thought I had caught the bottom as the float went on an angle - so flicked the tip of the rod to free it up! It pulled up tight & then the snag started shaking its head! Felt like a good fish, but didn't put up much of a struggle - netted it, got the hook out, then dropped it! Bugger!! Slipped down the rocks into a small pool of water between some rocks & thought I'd lost it. It was hiding behind a bigger rock & luckily hadn't been able to get out to the main flow! A big silver 37cm! Nice fat one.

Then it started raining - well I was already wet from my foray at Burgess Beach, so, with my weatherproof top on, I decided to stick it out. The wind & rain was coming from behind me, so I leant up against some big rocks & most of it went over me & only my legs got wet with the runoff from my top! Just as the rain eased up, I got into another good fish - this one was a bit more active than the first, but it was still not a 'definite' take! We call these ones 'sleepers' - they just take the bait & then continue floating along in the current until you go to check your bait & only then do you realise that you are on! A nice, fat 35cm one - also silver.

Had another 1/2hr till I had to pick up the other half, so tossed in again & got a feisty little (compared to the others!) 30cm blackie which I then also dropped! Must have been the wet weather, as it wasn't really all that cold! This one was further up the rocks, so not in a pool of water. Was lucky to get him out, tho, as some of the holes in the rocks would swallow up a jewie if dropped!

I was happy with my little outing - and we now have a few meals in the freezer! We will have some fresh for dinner tonight! Yum!



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