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North Esk


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I headed down to one of the local rivers today for a bit of a sesh. Some of you might recognise itfeaturedbeer.jpg

Though it looks a bit different in the flesh, particularly with the low water.gorgeous1_698.jpg

After climbing down into the gorge I began to fish my way upstream soon dropping a nice fish and then missing another few including one that hit halfway down a waterfall. Unfortunately whilst rockhopping I heard this strange ripping sound and felt a bit of breeze.


Sadly this spelled an early end to my sesh as I wasn't keen on getting a sharp plant scratch somewhere painful.

I did manage to pick up one fish before pulling the pin though.




Gorge from water level:


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Dday Col,

I once devised a plan to tie a fly from a boags label and catch a trout in the North Esk on it. I wrote to Boags who sent me half a dozen boags shirts for my mates and I.

I still have a couple of the fly's in my fly collection. Mate if I lived down there I would be in the car and off up to the highland lakes every chance I had... gods country.


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