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Which Reel - Eggbeater Or Overhead ?


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roosterman, I assume you have a rod for both reels (or are picking up one that suits)

I have just been through the same thing, the spare rod I picked up a while ago (very cheap :1prop: ) was going to be fitted with a reel to do some trolling and maybe light/medium jigging, went in to pick up the saltist 50 or if I was lucky the tyrnos, but as it ended up, the only decent reel that would suit the rod for what I wanted it for was the spheros 14000fa.

It also left me with enough change to pick-up another overhead rod and I put the saltist under the counter for next collection

Out of what you listed the tyrnos would be my choice, but don't go past the spheros if you wish to troll and still cast, fused lines like berkley's will work, but not true unfused braid on a spin reel like this so i've been told.


i have braid on my spheros and have no problems at all!

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The Daiwa mid range reels probably pick of the bunch.I have several Satists. Saltigas. and a Shim Torium 30. Do not like it much. Loaded up on a decent fish under boat. 6.3 to 1. No guts. Have to use waves to get it up.

I also have an Okuma Gold 15 2 spd for missus. She loves it. Prefers to my Accurates, same size.

She's had some decent fish. Including couple spoolings with small Marlin. Still smooth as. Never missed a beat. So Far.

One thing with the Okuma's. I've opened the few I've bought b4 using. 4 so far. (Wouldn't buy one of their baitcasters again. Ever... YUK....)

Every reel was DRY. not a speck of grease in them. That could be problem.

Strip and grease (Even the drag.). B4 use..


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