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  1. Yeh i havnt been online much last fee years and even stalkbook has only been very odd occasion every few months at best. Lifes been pretty hectic but im determined this year to get back into fishing again. We got 6 kids now so alots changed as im sure has here over last couple years lol... some guys i still keep in contact over years and i think alot just use stalkbook nowdays.. good to see raiders still going . Great to hear people still finding that article usefull, cheers ??
  2. Walkway will go underwater or at least a good deal of it. Is tectyl slippery once applied ?. i drive on most times with old trailer but sometimes wash at rose bay off wall is horrible so walk it up on bad days..
  3. I asked what he reccomended and threw up the usual lanolin/tectyl and also using irrigation/hoses and his response was def what i expected.. he was told by galvanisers to use nothing but wash down after use.. me thinks that is a way of selling more trailers sooner ?. I used to service copiers at Galvatech years ago so i may find my contact number for them and get it direct from horses mouth so to speak..
  4. Pic of hitch/trailer lock is what i use. Im also considering chain to go through wheel and frame and if somethings nearby for added diversional tactic. They will take easier target hopefully. Iv got them to weld hitch to frame also so you cant just unbolt and add your own to circumvent my hemet hitch lock.wont stop a cordless cutting disc but that will surely bring alot of attention.
  5. Hi guys, Been outa fishing game for couple years due to work and RL. Finally gonna try make time this year to get my boat wet with salty stuff instead of raindrops last couple years lol. trailer is stuffed so the haines 530f is getting a late xmass pressy ?. now the big question is being brand new i can do some preventative anti rust measures to help get longer out of it. what have you guys done and found good. trailer is 18ft 1500kg one. im thinking of spraying heated Tectyl inside chassis and painting all external surfaces by brush. What is tectyl like to walk on once applied as i have a centre walkway on this trailer so dont want it slippery ? im also contemplating putting some form of hose system inside/outside frame to help flush , what have you guys found easiest best here ? i got a good hitch lock but also considering a good security grade chain /lock so any reccomendations here also . Pics of trailer type, i got them throw in walkway down centre and spare tyre holder ?? thx in advance guys.. cheers
  6. Thx guys, was an awesome day and seeing my boys catching fish and getting a big buzz outa it is better buzz for me than any fish ive caught and ive caught big tunas and marlin . Cheers...steve.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  7. hi guys, bit late but thought id post a report as been pretty busy lately. fathers day i took the family out including the mrs for a leisurely fish for blackies. water in pitty was crystal clear and very low at 10 - 11 am and could only see a couple of small schools that were moving around a bit. as im talking to a mate on phone my 4 yr old (Blake the blacky master 1) screams im on dad and my mrs squeals with excitement and my other boy gets net under it and with big woooohoos and more squealing from mrs we have it on the deck. i explained to my mrs who hates fishing this is why i love it,enjoy the feeling honey.... was pretty quiet after this and due to one of kids not feeling good headed home. had lunch then took my eldest 10yrs and his 6yrs brother (blacky master 2) back out. scouted 2 other spots and didnt look good so back to original spot hoping incoming tide should hold fish... well as soon as we got there burly deployed and floats soon followed. harry screams im on dad and we soon lose a real good fish around 40cm after it ran him around everywhere. well the water was murkier but we could see them milling around and constant downs for 2 hrs with many missed downs (always finicky downs here) and lost some real nice fish but the keeper net was very healthy with 8 nice fish. i even got to catch one but didnt compare to watching them get excited enjoying fishing instead of all the electronic crap these days .. anyway that was the best fathers day pressy the kids gave me and it was free, all the other things in morning were nice as they spoilt me and a few hand made gifts hanging on wall help to ease the workload at work.. cheers....steve.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  8. The topenders are great boats, I used to own a 530 Side Consile a year ago, the economy is great as they are light, easy to tow, but when it comes to going wide ill be careful, It once took me 3 hours to get back from the peak when the wind unexpectidly picked up, and could only take it to browns in the best conditions. I also found that they have electrolysis issues, with the paint bubbling, so quickly got rid of it and imported this beast. Polar..... Drool drool droolin. Very nice. Now thats going wide in style in a trailerboat . As for electrolosis , i think all ali boats can suffer if the fitout is not done correctly and unfortunately most places just dont do it proper. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. My mates rapt with the etec and he got it for a steal from craig at huett's.His range will be fine for the mount but heatons is limit on only real good days (not many like sat)unless he wants to take a jerrycan for backup. Cruisecraft, nice , once you get all that sorted you may be fine but time will tell. Might need 2 prop sizes down to get range you need. Good luck with it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. My boat way to thirsty so browns and beyond i become a boat tart with mates. Down sth was a 6.2 meter platey with new twin 75 4strokes. Range is 200nm in good weather. One day we came in on fumes after going 65nm out due to weather but had another boat in tandem so all good. Off sydney sat was a 6 meter heavy glass cc with near new 150 etec and 200 liters fuel. He had never taken it to browns so i smashed his distance record. Smart gauges and new motors are best. We monitored fuel on way out etc and we had a limit, once reached came in, which saturday was very very hard to do with that school my mate got onto only 13-14 mile away. Only saving grace was due to radio crap i wasnt aware how big fish/school were till i spoke to them next morning.woulda been harder knowing what i do now but still had to do right thing in end . Are you thinking about your boats capabilities ??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Was that Yesterday? How far south were you? My leave passes are also spent, but if bluefin are around there way be a divorce case worth considering. lol At least 10 nm nth to ne to east to se and everywhere between sat. Prob about 8 boats out there from memory. We were in a 6 meter cc. . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Yeh amazing the little buggers sooo wide and hitting large lures. The water mate got them is was littered with those kings, rubbish and bait in general and without looking at chart it prob continued out to where you were maybe ? . Either way its amazing sometimes what ya catch fishing sometimes. Theres still dillies around also . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Tried couple times to get you on radio and when i did it was fked. When we were tracking sth about 10 out and you passed east i was running 19.5 water. We went over 10ne and was getting 19.8 and why we went back sth again. My mate got into them in arvo but fuel ment we couldnt risk using our reserve limit even though conditions meant we prob didnt need it. The fish were barrels and one lost after 6hrs and pushed to sunset over 40 min nearly killed anglers and schools stayed deep under boat another boat also got a double when called over. Notice the plural used . My opinion.... Based on 3 yrs targeting them. Fish are migrating nth so that school is gonsky. There is more schools still riding the good water yet to pass sydney. That eddie off jb looked interesting also damo and i woulda thought someone would pull fish from it. 3 yrs ago and last yr we got them in 17.4-17.6 water and this year from ulladulla to sydney 19.5 seems the water. I think temp deeper may be different and why they are staying deep mostly, but they gotta eat shedloads sometime/somewhere. If conditions are right the fish may run close enough again but alot of water out there to find them. As for lure choice... Fk it they smash anything and we mix up divers and skirts and they all seem to get hit and i think the amount of food the need to sustain migrating etc is why. Make sure you have liveys though as we had them in the hundreds if not thousand under us for ages down sth after trolled fish were boated we couldt tempt them to eat anything and even jigs which is usually effective failed. Bluefin usually = loooong days and miles and lots of fuel etc so make sure your ok to do it safely as mates have had to help a couple guys out recently . The 2 boats we have targeted with are only 20 and 22 ft so yes trailerboats can do it within reason. Bluefin fever is pretty addictive and once you hook a barrel you will understand.., ahhhh revenge will be mine one day... Lol... Please take into mind this is just my opinion and any or all could be wrong. Well except the addiction bit . Lol. Good luck to all who get out there as my leave passes are well and truly spent this year for them... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Its only hard if ya wanna break it errol . Lol. If i had time and weather yep id be out there in a heartbeat . I started down bermi couple weeks ago and have chased them up the coast. Mad,dedicated or just plain crazy ... Prob all the above. Lol. When i get time i will put up a report of our trips . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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