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Help Needed Reel For Rock Fishing


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Hi guys,

ive been using a daiwa bg90 for fishing off rocks but not too long ago got all my gear stolen. i need to get a new reel but im not too sure what to get. All my other reels(smaller) have been Shimano and i cant help but look for another Shimano for this application. Any suggestions? Also how are overhead reels for rock fishing?


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For the money, you cant beat a BTR 4500 or 6500. Both the same internally just 6500 can hold more line. For something a bit heavier but not much more expensive try the Spheros. THey will hold most fish up, but there have ben some awesome reports of big fish around lately.

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Dave what where your thoughts on the BG 90

good reel for what you used it for?

under gunned a little ?

What Species do you target?

As said the Spheros +upgrades is a super reel, but is a little pricey

but if you compare to a BG 90 not that far off $ mark

the BTR reels are good also.

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