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Nice Little Rock Pool


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Hey there Raiders , just back from a week up North where I caught my Kingy from a Dinghy last year, but alas the swells bought on by an Easterly were to big to get my tinnie out so had to do with a little Rock fishing.....caught a few snapper but nothing to post about.

Went exploring around the rocks and came upon this beautiful little rock pool that I thought I share a pic with you all


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Lol, im a pansey, i would not go in there, be to sacred of the weed touching my legs and other little creepy things like occys, blue ringed expesially.

cheers james

Theres not so many nasties over in NZ as there is

here in OZ,so you wouldnt have too much to be scared

about in that pool.


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the tide musta been rather low at that stage because it looks fresh and must have a constant flushing, rock pools like that in the gong end up really dirty because they just dont get the flushing they need.

That blonde with you ;) ?


Astute observation there Ben, it is very fresh , water comes in from the left of the picture at high tide or swells I guess..there were some somewhat tropical little fish swimming asround in her.

And no that blonde aintmine :biggrin2: ....my mrs was there swimmin too however I'm in California as I type this and cant post a pic

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