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I tried Clifton recently and all I could manage for livies were sweep. I could see makeral busing the surface and got some follows on the jig by kingfish but my sweep were just lefts swimming. Im wondering if sweep just make a terrible livie or it was just a tough time to get hits? They were under a bobby at varying lengths from 7 to 1ft at times.

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Guest IFishSick.

Mate, I don't think many fish can't be taken as live biats. I've had a mate who has got plenty on Sweep, and here on fishraider have heard of many pufferfish being found in a Dolphin fishes stomach.

As long as the fish is alive a kicking it shouldn't be a problem, but yes there are better livies for the shape of other fish are easier to swallow whole, and just like human's, taste better e.g. Yakka's or Garfish. But the fishes natural instinct is to attack injured prey, kind of a take the opportunity thing.

Mate I reckon it was just a hard day.

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Hi guys

I lost what was thought to be a BIG grouper at the snapper hole off botany about 18 months ago, it took a live sweep, i was using a tld20 with 50lb braid and i was getting smashed.

I also use sweep fillets off the rocks, have caught bream, tailor a few otehr nice fish and a few ods n ends(ie- crap fish).

cheers james

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