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Finally Fish From The Georges


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Hi all

Just been spending odd hours or so down at the Georges near my place trying out different tide times and seeing what goes on.

Thursday got an undersized Whiting on peeled prawns, he got released unharmed and a toadfish that didn't.

Today got two very small 10 - 12 cm bream that were also free'd. Got sick of the wind and packed up and as I was leaving watched a couple of quite large (forearm length) silvery fish jumping.

Possibly mullet? This was as the tide was coming in at about 5.45 pm, just near the boat ramp on Old Ferry Road, opposite Lugarno.

I have to admit I am getting tired of not getting onto the bigger fish, any tips or ideas?


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Most likely the jumping mullet, they're all around in Georges river and just love to tease ya, especially when you don't even get much of a bite the whole day.

Georges River, I haven't had much luck there in a long time, but there sure are fish there. I think its about gettin the right bait place and time for all of it. Good luck with it though :D

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you u neva catch fishes in the upper parts of the river and most u'll usualyl catch is maybe a bream. but yeh sometimes theres really big pelagic fish that jumps out. I swear its not a mullet it looks like a kingfish, the colors and pattern is exactly the same and it was like 2 metres in front of me jumping in slow motion

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That stretch of river west from where the leases were at Gertrude pt fishes alright for bream. Not sure about land based and I havent fished it for twelve mths but I have pulled some good bream out of there on nippers and mullet strips.

Persist and you will find the right combination of time, tide and bait.


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