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I have given up buying fishing mags,I have bought them for years and I swear I have seen the same photos more then once with a diffrent story in the last couple of years.

How about when you get a free mag with the one you just bought and you already have 10 copys of it,because its ten years old,but they keep giving them away and you think your getting two mags for the price of 1,yeh, you are but they dont tell you its ten years old. :ranting2:

What about some of the adds trying to sell boats worth 25 to 60 thousand $$$ and you see some one sitting in the game seat with a game rod and a eggbeater reel thats being used upside down. :wacko:

Is it just me??

Anyone know a good mag that you can trust and its worth the money you pay???

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I gave up reading them a while ago too but that was because I thought the sole focus of the mags was becoming lures and sps.

Lately though I have gone back to reading them and whilst the tackle companies are still winning the propaganda war with sp's there has been quite a few interesting articles. I dont think they have sunk as low as you are making out.

As for your cynicism on the photo's you may be right but we read all magazines for the articles don't we :074:


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I reckon all mags are the same not just fishing mags. The same old stories re worked with a slightly different angle each time, whether it be motoring surfing or whatever. But I won't be bagging Modern Fishing.

Remenmber they are a sponsor of this site so if you want a good fishing mag, buy "modern fishing". thats the only advice you'll get here.


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Actually i gotta say, after reading a fair variety (and yes finding the free mag the same as i've already got 7 times before gets annoying), i recently went on a trip to melb and picked up the feb modern fishing (free lure was left behind with a friend as they wouldn't allow me to take it on board????) but this mag has found another reader that's for sure, much better than a lot of the others that i've read.

And i've also gotta say re promotional adds for boats, isn't about time we saw the use of pfd's on the "boaters" shown, you know promote safety as well as fun.


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Hi Dan

I was just wondering whether the 'free lures' that often come with Modern Fishing are meant to be delivered to subscribers?

I have recently subscribed to Modern Fishing (November last year), am loving the monthly delivery and continue to appreciate the content - but I have yet to receive any of the lures that come free with the mag when bought off the shelves. I've recently finished reading the Feb edition and loved it - but I gotta admit I get a little peeved to learn (from comments like BJBoating's below) that there was meant to be a free lure given away with the mag. I certainly didn't get one.

Can you please clarify this with me, either as a response to this post or a pm?


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