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Diy Bird Cage?


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just wondering where i can get materials etc to build a bird cage? ive heard they sell the caging at bunnings but had a look the other to find they didnt have it anymore. would anyone know where to get some of this 'caging', so that i can put it together etc?

thanks in advance


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You can get this square wire (bird wire) it's about 20mm hole size from Hardware and General at Brookvale,

It's stiffer than chicken wire however you will still need to build a frame to support it.

Should be ideal for finches.

20mm hole size and you can say bye bye to the finches.

You can buy chicken wire or a square mesh that is 10mm x 10mm from any hardware store, however I think after buying the material and mucking around it will be cheaper to buy a small cage, unless you are planning on building a large avairy. Goodluck

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